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Wild Woman Team

We have lovingly crafted a weekend of events to

  • Awaken your wild, inquisitive Spirit

  • Engage your sense of Worth and Empowerment

  • Reignite and Harness your Purpose

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Our Facilitators

Rita Moore

Co-Creator and Equus Coach

I have always loved to learn, grow, and help others do the same. As an educator I dedicated my long career to helping children, adults, and families receive the educational, social-emotional, and behavior supports they needed to thrive.

And then something happened… I became completely intrigued by equine assisted therapeutic learning after witnessing and experiencing firsthand the powerful transformational changes that occur. I became determined to learn more about the strategies that effectively changed my thoughts, my patterns, my life! I became committed to share this transformational opportunity with others. I love the work I am doing in partnership with horses. It is such an  honor to support someone’s journey as they learn strategies to break through the boundaries of their own thoughts to find true joy and purpose in their desired life.

To learn more about Rita, visit

Kit Maxwell

Co-Creator and Equus Master Facilitator

Kit is a licensed therapist, certified life coach and Equus Coach Master Facilitator.  Utilizing a combination of therapy and coaching, she uses compassionate listening and reflective, clarifying dialog in a relaxed conversational style to guide you in accessing your own internal wisdom.   Together you will identify what holds you back from showing up as your most authentic self and do the inner work that will bring about the transformation you seek.

"Like most people, I have been through bumps, bruises and shattering losses in this life.  The three things that were game changers for me in not only surviving, but thriving are IFS therapy, life coaching and horses. Each on their own are extremely powerful.  Together -- magic."

To learn more about Kit, visit  


Shannon Hayes Buescher

Intuitive Eating Counselor

Shannon is a registered and licensed dietitian and certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. For over 15 years, she has helped women, men and adolescents find a healthy relationship with food and their body. She counsels those that have struggled with eating disorders, disordered eating, chronic dieting, poor body image and those looking to feel better about the way they take care of their body. Shannon is very passionate about helping people to find what they are really hungry for and to explore the ways that they have used food and their body as a way to replace this. Shannon believes that spirituality is a key component when it comes to healing the relationship you have with your body. She believes that when you find that the answers, wisdom and knowledge are already instilled inside of you, you find a peace and kindness with yourself.

To learn more about Shannon, visit  

Beckah Reed

Subtle Energy Practitioner

Beckah Reed has been a professor of dance since 1986. Her focus has been modern technique, composition, dance history, improvisation, pedagogy, and somatics.  

In addition to her decades of work in dance, Beckah enjoys her work in somatics, including qigong and taiji, focusing on healing energies and moving meditations.  She also performs private subtle energy healing sessions with individuals.  

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Sandy Schulz

Artist and Potter

Chesterfield artist Sandy Schulz is a specialist in an unusual Navajo art that uses real horse hair to decorate pottery.  “It’s an ancient design technique used by Native American tribes to honor the birth of a great horse,” Schulz explains.  The technique used to create horse hair pottery does not require glazing, and according to the artist, results in pieces that have an “earthy, authentic feel and spirit.”

“I invite people to participate in the process,” Schulz says.  “They can come and actually help to create the finished piece.  It really is quite special to them.”  Each piece of pottery holds a special connection between the people helping to create it and the horses who inspire them.  Healing spirits seem embedded in Schulz’s work.

To learn more about Sandy Schulz and her beautiful pottery, visit

Francesca Ferrentelli

Story Teller, Author, Therapist

Francesca Ferrentelli, PhD. is a therapist, storyteller, and speaker. She is a Jungian influenced therapist in private practice in St. Louis, MO.

She is the author of The Zebra and the Black Pony, a children's book that can be used for Transformational Storytelling. She has led numerous workshops, study groups, and has spoken at several conferences throughout the country.

To learn more about Fracesca, visit

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